What We Do

RIAL BAAI is a Dinka word, which means “Bringing light to the community”.


Our mission is to bring a native solar industry into South Sudan that will enable economic development and improve quality of life.


We see a bright future for South Sudan. We envision that all people have “light”, not just visible light in the night, but also hope, grace and blessing in the darkness left by Sudan’s wars. We are striving to achieve sustainable businesses in South Sudan by 2025 made possible by distributed energy services that are locally operated and that promote peace and prosperity in their communities.


Our team, in collaboration with the government of the new South Sudan nation and other world agencies, will help the communities:

  • To understand how to design, buy, build and maintain solar equipment to provide needed electricity.
  • To see examples of solar equipment powering schools, medical clinics, churches and businesses.
  • To train a solar professional work force.
  • To create self-sustaining solar businesses.
  • To develop financing programs through local banks. 


Rial Baai has a 3 part plan to achieve the vision and objectives:
1) Training workshops for 20 to 50 people several times a year that teach basic and advanced solar skills.
2) Installing community projects associated with each training session to give students field experience.
3) Strengthening Rial Baai Solar company in South Sudan as a model and seed to create multiple native solar companies.
4) Working with local banks and investors to understand and implement financing services for solar equipment.


Rial Baai is a combination of Rial Baai PROJECT and Rial Baai ORGANIZATION that was started in 2012.  Rial Baai Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit humanitarian organization based in the USA that focuses on bringing expertise into South Sudan to provide training and skills development.  Rial Baai Organization is registered as a South Sudan organization and focuses on establishing a native solar industry.

Please Help our Project
Your financial support to Rial Baai Project (RBP) will make a big difference in the lives of many people who are struggling everyday to survive. Please see our Page "Work with Us" to make a contribution.

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