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We collaborate with others to achieve our goals.  We work with individuals, companies, faith based organizations, and other non-profit organizations.  There are several ways in which you can work with the Rial Baai Project.  


Rial Baai Care is renting a compound for these children starting in July 2017.  It will cost about $2,500 per month for rent, food, clothes, schooling, training supplies and staff.  This amounts to about $5/day for housing, food, education and life skills training.  None of the funds received will be spent on Administration or Fund Raising.

Contact Chris Boyer or Mariak Chuor if you are interested in working with us,

1)   Give a Donation – Can you help sponsor our education efforts?  Your contributions are the seed that will produce sustainable business in South Sudan.  

All donated funds go to projects.  We do not give hand-outs, there are no salaried employees, and all administration labor is donated time.  A copy of our financial statements is available upon request.

Even though we charge a small fee for students to attend our classes to make sure they are dedicated to learning, we still have $3,000 uncovered costs for renting a meeting room, buying consumable supplies (practice wire, lights, and components) and printing out the booklets for 50 students.  

We also try to fund small community projects at hospitals, schools, or community centers that give the students some "field" experience.  These projects cost $5000 to $10,000 to implement.  Please see our "Activities Page" to see examples.  We rely on your donations to accomplish these projects.

​​Please help.

Thank you for your support!  Please use this PayPal method for contributions through our website.   You will recieve an e-mail reciept and your contributions are tax deductible. 

2)  Project Teammates – Do you want to start a business in South Sudan and create jobs? We will work with you to obtain the business plan, the skills, the financing, the equipment, and the networks needed. 

3)  Technical Equipment Providers – Can you provide us with technology products that can bring a better life to South Sudan?  We are interested in aggregating orders or other means to improve distribution efficiency.

4)  Project Sites – Do you have a site in South Sudan that need clean, reliable solar electricity?  Please contact us with a proposal to discuss how our team can meet your needs.

5)  Government or NGOs – Can we help add solar vocational training to your education programs?  We deliver curriculum, instructors, and a Professional Society for your students.

If you have an opportunity in which we can work together, contact us at: