Who We Are

Rial Baai Organization is registered as a South Sudan organization working in Gogrial and Twic states. 

   The solar energy work is performed under the name Rial Baai Solar. 

   The caring for children is performed under the name Rial Baai Care.

Rial Baai Project  is 501c3 non-profit organization based in the United States and working with the communities in South Sudan.

Executive Staff

Mariak Chuor “MC”

Mariak is the president and founder of Rial Baai.  Mariak became a LOST BOY at age seven after his village was destroyed and family scattered during one of the midnight raids that ravaged so much of South Sudan during the second civil war. He joined the Sudanese People Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) and was a child soldier for seven years. Encouraged by elders to go seek education, he came to the USA as a refugee and settled in Richmond, VA in 2000. Through hard work and faith that “with God all things are possible”, he completed grades 4 through 12 in four years, and then went on to earn a college degree in computer electronic engineering. He has published two books, “Rebuilding What Had Been Destroyed” and “South Sudan Long Journey to Freedom”, and was featured in the 2002-chronicled documentary “The Lost Boys Film” by Megan Mylan. In addition to Rial Baai, he works as a writer, mentor and motivational speaker.  Mariak attended grid tied and off-grid solar training in the United States and worked with one of the top solar companies there.  

Chris Boyer
Chris provides mentoring and support for Rial Baai. He develops alternative energy technologies and works with leaders in innovative business concepts to bring better energy to the world. Dr. Boyer believes renewable energy is one way that God graciously provides for the world’s needs. He is the principle engineer of Amber Waves Energy and has been working with solar, wind, fuel cells, generators, energy storage and microgrid projects since 1995. His experience includes companies such as Lynntech Inc., Standard Renewable Energy (now Gridpoint), Dow Chemical, Shell Global Solutions, SunCap Financial (now NRG Solar Leasing), Lockheed Martin, the Perfect Power Institute, Sunnova, and Sabre Industries.