2012 Assessment Mission

In December of 2012, our team traveled to South Sudan to meet with our colleagues there, select our first seed sites, and determine the designs for our initial implementations.  This visit kicked off an incredible initiative to bring badly needed infrastructure and economic development to the region.  ​

Our Activities

2013  Fall Solar Training in Kuajok 

The Rial Baai team returned to Kuajok for another basic training course that also include solar water pumping.  We had 53 students participate.  The Rial Baai team has also completed 18 solar system installations in South Sudan as of November 2013.

Starting Out

Rial Baai was conceptualized in August of 2012.  Rial Baai Project became a legal entity in the US in October 2012 and Rial Baai Organization became a legal entity in South Sudan in January of 2013.  The following slides present the motivation for its beginning.

2013 December Installation of Solar Light in Chapels

The Rial Baai team helped Seminarial Johnson Akol install solar lighting in chapels around the state for the Christmas prayer and evening services.  These chapels also provide light during the night for community activities.

2013 Spring Solar Training in Kuajok

In May of 2013, our team returned to South Sudan to present at hands-on workshop on installing basic solar electric equipment.  This trip was tremendously sucessful and we are preparing for the next solar workshops.  Check out the photos from our trip!

2017 & 2018 Rial Baai Care for Children

These children are living in Turalei in the market place own their own.  They were identified by the community as having no one to take care of them.  We chose them because they are most vulnerable, and they work well with other children so have the potential to succeed.

2014 October Solar Training in Kuajok

Rial Baai conducted its basic solar training class October 13 through 18 in Kuajok, Warrap.  We had another 18 participants pass the written and practical exam. 

2014  Solar Powered Computers for Kuajok Secondary School

Can you imagine teaching 1000 high school students about computers without a computer?  This is the case in many schools in South Sudan, but we are working to change that.  The Rial Baai team is working with Principal Mayen Mayen at the Kuajok Secondary school to put computers in the library building.  In May 2014, we added the first three computers for the school and powered them with solar energy. Principle Mayen told us, "It has been appreciated by students, teaching staff and Board of Governance as well. We will soon start a program of computer training with help of those of Mariak. Thank you for your tireless and awesome work you done for the school".  

We want to expand the number of computers so please contribute to this important work  (see "Work with Us" page).

2015 Solar installation on Kuajok Hospital Clinic

Rial Baai Solar installed a solar power system to operate lights and equipment for a hospital clinic in Kuajok.

2015 and 2016 Computer Classes for the Community

Remember the solar equipment and computers that Rial Baai Solar installed in Kuajok Secondary School?  Mariak is using that equipment to teach the community how to use a computer.  Courses are held each month.  For more information, please contact Mariak Chuor on Facebook or by phone (9)-954-781-863.

2013 Summer Solar Installations

The Rial Baai Organization in Kuacjok continues to do several installations through the summer.  While Rial Baai Project prepares the next training courses.  Here are a few photos.

2014 Solar Installations on Homes, Businesses and NGO's

Rial Baai Solar has installed over 100 systems in South Sudan of all sizes and shapes.  Here are photos of a few of the systems.

2014 February Solar Training in Aweil

Rial Baai performed the solar training class in Aweil the week of February 17th.  This 5 day course included how to put together a basic 12Volt solar system for houses and businesses and power lights